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Wow, it's been a long time that you guys have supported Men4Bareback. The software framework that ran this site hasn't been supported for years, but I had done various things to try to patch it and keep it up.

Unfortunately, the technology finally got so out of date that when the server was updated on June 18th to the new server software, the framework was no longer able to run. I've looked to see if I could repair it reasonably, but I can't do it without a major invenstment in time and money. For a free site, that's just not doable.

When I created this site, there really a place for guys to go to meet other guys for bareback sex. Now it's much more mainstream than it was back there, and there are are a couple of mammoth sites for barebackers. There are lots of alternative sites out there, many with fancy features for your iPhones and Androids. As a free site, I just didn't have the resources to be able to provide that stuff.

So thanks for your support. Thanks to all the guys that came to the parties and made them such a success. Thanks for your friendships over the past decade. We had a lot of fun, but it's time for another chapter.

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