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Bareback Blog
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Sep 21, 2010
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May 18, 2010
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Apr 26, 2010
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Apr 14, 2010
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Apr 13, 2010
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Jan 15, 2010
Leather and S & M
Sep 09, 2009

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How do I change my password?

Go to My Membership and you will find an option to Change Password. You will need to put in your old password then you can choose a new password, confirm it, and submit. Done!

How do I change my email address?

You can change your email address on the "Edit Profile" page under the My Profile tab. You can change your email address here as well as the rest of your profile information.

After you have made your changes, click "Save" at the bottom of the page to save. 

When will you approve my photos?

Typically photos are approved every couple of hours, but it is possible that it could take up to 24 hours on rare occasions.

Why did you reject my photos?

Photos are intended to be a way for you to show other guys what you look like with the intention of hooking up for sex. They should be pictures that represent you, and only you, unless the profile is for a couple or group. They should be recent pictures of you--photos of you as a child are not permitted. (Did I really need to say this? Unfortunately past uploads have proven that yes, I need to say this.) Photos also may not contain any photographer's marks, watermarks, advertisements, or ways to contact you outside of the website. If you want to share that information in your email correspondance to someone, that's fine, but don't put it in a picture. Pictures may not contain any acts that are illegal in the United States, such as drug use, bestiality, etc. 

What is the purpose behind Instant Messenger, how do I get benefit from it?

This is a new Instant Messenger application that replaced the previous one. When you click on the Chat icon on someone's profile, you are presented with the main chat window. Type your message the other person. Once you click Send, they will receive a notice that they have an incoming chat request. After they accept your chat, you will be connected. This is a full audio and video chat session, so either or both of you have cameras and microphones, you can carry on an extra hot chat session.

If the other person has left the computer but didn't log off, they will get the notice on their screen but may not accept it in time. You can just try again later or they may try to respond after they return.

How does "My Matches" work?

My Matches works according to the basic profile and "search preferences" at the bottom of the "edit profile" page.

Do people actually meet on your site? Do they ever actually hookup?

YES! Guys meet here everyday for hookups right then or planning something for later on. To see for yourself, check the site for real stories of real connections.

When someone emails me, where does the email go and how do I respond?

When a member sends you a note, it goes straight into your onsite message Inbox. We then send an email to your personal email address to let you know that it's there.

To read the note, simply login to the site and go to your Inbox. If you decide to write back, simply click "reply", write your own note and send away. Your note will go straight into the member's onsite Inbox, and we'll let them know it's there with an email to their personal email address.

All communications with other members stay onsite so that you never have to give out any personal information until you feel completely ready. Then when you are, you can exchange phone numbers and even meet in person.

How do I edit my profile? How do I hide my profile?

To update your profile, click "Edit Profile" in Members Panel menu. Be sure to save your changes at the bottom of the screen when you're done.

Try to put your best foot forward with at least one photo and snappy, detailed essays about your interests. The photo is key since most people feel more comfortable writing to members they can see. Try to stay positive in your essays and let the real you shine.

To hide your profile, select "No" for the option "Other members can see when I'm online?" on the "Edit Profile" page. Keep in mind, however, that members who are most active on the site keep their profile visible in all places because it ups their chances of connecting with people. And you never know, someone special may be looking for you and never get to find you if your profile is hidden.

We are a couple but it won't let us choose Couple. What's wrong?

Yes, our method of entering Couples may take a little bit of getting used to, but you may find it works well once you figure it out. First, both of you need to create individual profiles (or all of you if it is a Group instead of couple) indicating Top, Bottom, or Versatile for each of you. Once that is done, register again as a Couple. It will ask you for the profile names that you entered. These are case sensative so make sure you put them in exactly as each of you entered your profiles. That's it! Now people can view your profile. Check out this example if you want to see what this looks like.

Why is this a good way to handle Couple accounts?

One thing that we found ourselves doing was reading profiles for couples that said "one top, one bottom" and not having a clue which one was which. On Men4Bareback, when you are a Couple, you have an extra field in your joint profile that are links to your individual profiles. We feel this makes it easier for you to describe each of you than having to cram it all into one profile. Plus it gives you three times as many accounts for people to find you, thus significantly upping your chances!

I've heard about your parties but I can't find the info?

Well, first off, anyone can post parties here.  You just go to the Forums and then Bareback Parties. If you are local to central Florida, you might be interested in attending one of our own bareback parties. For information about the parties, please visit RawManOrgy.com. If you have already read through that site and are looking for the RSVP page, you need to select Forum under Tools in the lefthand column, and then Bareback Parties. You can RSVP from the party info page.

How do I cancel my membership?

Well, we would hope that you would want to stay here and grow with us. As a new site, we are still building our membership. We have on average, around 40 new members signing up every day currently, so even if there aren't a lot of guys close to you, there probably will be more very soon.

This is a free site so it won't cost you anything to stay as an active member here. That way you can keep your profile name here and not have someone else steal it while you are gone. It also means when some hot new guy signs up from your area and does a search, he'll find you right at the top of his list.

Again, we hope you'll reconsider leaving us, or even better, staying here with us.  If there are things about the site that that you find difficult to use or would make you want to stay if we fixed it, please let us know!  We are working on the site every single day. Many of the improvements we have made were suggested by our users.  We take every comment seriously and try to find ways to accomodate things.  In some instances, we can quickly implement a fix to bugs. Other times we have to consider large rewrites to implement things, so it may take us a bit to get it implemented, but we do take every suggestion to heart.

So please consider staying here with us, helping us to make the site what you want, and getting the side benefit of making yourself available for some hot fuckers to find you for some hot skin on skin action.

If you still want to cancel, there is a "Cancel" link on the menubar at the bottom of the page--it's between Articles and Affiliate. 

You still didn't answer my question!

Well, some days we are better at mind reading than others. This must be one of our off days. <smile> These are the most common questions we receive from our users. But if you still have questions, please don't hesitate to let us know by clicking on the Feedback link. We try to respond to every email as quickly as possible, usually in a few hours.

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52, Waltham, Massachusetts, United States
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